Himalaya 5 – Clone

Story so far

Craig a medical student, had been climbing in the Himalayas during a solar eclipse when he saw two Unicorns who had licked his hands. When he touched an injured climber, who he was looking after, Ben was miraculously healed. Later in Katmandu Craig sat by an unconscious girl holding her hand and telling her the story of the Unicorns. She too was miraculously healed.

Back at University, Craig now feared that either he had been hallucinating or he had the power to heal. Either way he faced problems.

On the first day of term he received a letter from Katmandu. He dropped it and it picked up by a girl, Tania (Titania).

When Craig opened the letter, from a nurse in Kathmandu, it also contained a drawing from the girl (Alisha) who he had healed. It showed him, with the two unicorns and also a fairy wearing a crown. The picture was a accurate depiction of the event in Himalaya and he was surprised the fairy even looked like Tania.

Craig’s other letter from his twin sister Ali (Ailsa) told him she was moving to be closer to him.

Ben wanted to met as he too had problems.

Craig sat in the cafe at Oxford station. He had arrived nearly an hour early. He just hadn’t been able to sleep. Life was getting complicated. Last night he had thought he had seen Tania sitting by a fountain, almost under his window, but when he went down, she had gone. Why was she there? Had he been hallucinating again? That was the real problem, that line between reality and fantasy were becoming blurred. He was beginning to question what was real. Unicorns and fairies were imaginary but they kept intruding into his life. Alisha and Ben were both real but both had been drawn into the imaginary world that had surrounded him since his trip to the Himalayas. Even his sister Ali sensed a change in him, so much that she was moving to live nearer him.

As a distraction, he began to read the article in the Lancet that his lecturer had suggested reading before the next Lecture. It was about DNA and the use of cloning in medical procedures. It discussed the possibility of removing cells from a five day cloned embryo to use stem cells to treat diseases like heart problems diabetes and spinal injuries. Also there were a lot of ethical problems surrounding the use of a cloned embryo. In the past designer babies were a considered option but a child inherited 50% DNA from each parents but not the same DNA, so a suitable match was not guaranteed. Just look at himself and his twin. Ali was a girl and he male. But that was only the start, he had blond hair and Ali dark, their personalities were so different. He was studious while Ali loved the outdoors and riding.

Craig’s thought having wandered from the topic he looked up at the clock. Nearly time for Ben’s train. He needed another coffee, so he got two, one for Ben as well.

As Craig returned to his table Ben arrived.

“I got you a coffee,” Craig handed Ben a coffee, “Shall we sit down?”

Ben took the coffee. “I don’t want to talk here. Can we go somewhere private?”

Craig was mystified but suggested they went and walked by the river. Ben wasn’t going to be drawn on why he had come. He just talked about his journey and climbing and just kept postponing the topic he had come to talk about.

Final they found a bench by the river. For what seemed like ages they sat drinking coffee. Then Craig got frustrated by the silence. “What is it that has brought you to Oxford?”

“Its difficult, I don’t know where to start.” Ben replied looking round to ensure no one was near.

“Best place to start is at the beginning.” Craig prompted.

Ben nervously, again looked round. “It started in Katmandu, well that’s when I first noticed it. It’s strange, I don’t understand it. You’re a medical student. I thought you might be able to explain it.” Ben paused.

“I still don’t understand the problem. I am not a Doctor yet. If it’s a medical problem you should go to your own Doctor.” Craig started.

“No. No, not medical. It’s strange. Weird in fact. In Katmandu I thought it was to do with the altitude. People had a slight colour around them. But now everyone has a colour, its brighter and clear. It changes when they talk. I know it sounds mad.” Ben finished, he looking worried.

Craig watched him for a moment as he tried to make sense of the problem. “Are you talking about a person’s aura? I know, it sounds New age. and I don’t know much about it. But lots of people claim to see a person’s aura.”

“But is it real? I thought it didn’t exist.” Worried Ben.

“Medically it’s not been proved to exist. There is a condition called Synesthesia but I don’t know much about it. I need to know more. But tell me what you see.”

Ben looked around and he could see a couple sat on a bench further along the path. “Well, the girl over there has a red glow round her. That seems to indicate she is telling the lad something untrue. The lad has a faint green glow so he is listening and is believing her.”

“Fascinating what about me? Do I have a colour? So if I told you two statement, one true and one false you would know the difference?” Craig wondered.

“That’s strange too. Everyone has a colour except you. I can’t read you.” Ben stated.

Craig was thoughtful for a moment. “That’s a shame we can’t test your theory. It might be a temporary situation.” Craig tried to sound reassuring, “Is it really a problem if you can see if someone is telling the truth.”

“You do know what I do for a living, don’t you?” Ben instantly questioned.

“Don’t think I do. You were always vague, something in public relations wasn’t it?” Craig commented looking past Ben, he could see Tania in the distance walking towards them.

“Craig, I am Police Detective. Have you any idea what would happen if I started talking about New age stuff?”

“It might be useful to know who was telling the truth.” Craig again looked past Ben, “Listen, a friend of mine is walking this way and it look like she is going to speak to us. We could test if you could tell if she is telling the truth.”

Ben turned and looked at the girl walking towards them. He turned back quickly, “But she is like you. Unreadable.”

Tania pause in front of them. Craig made the introductions. Then Tania spoke directly to Craig. “Hi, Just thought I would tell you I have to go somewhere tomorrow, so I will be late for the ward rounds.”

“Is it wise? It’s the first one.” Craig questioned.

“I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. Can’t stop.” Then she abruptly turned and walked away. Craig watched her go confused by her behaviour.

Ben was confused by her lack of colour, “I’ve looked at hundreds of people and they all have an aura, as you call it. It only you and Tania have a colourless aura. Going back to my job. We deal in evidence, people’s auras isn’t evidence.”

Craig’s thoughts returned to Ben’s problem. “But surely intuition comes into what you do. Having a indication someone is telling the truth could help you.”

They talked for nearly an hour. Then Ben went to get his train still a worried man but reassured by being able to talk to someone. Craig on the other hand was troubled. He had helped Ben and Ben had now acquired an ability which was unexplained but could be useful to him. His encounter with Alisha had appeared to have given her the ability to predict who he would meet and draw things she could not know about.

So why had he and Tania no readable aura? Why had Alisha been able to draw a good likeness of her? Why was Ben able to see who was telling the truth?

There just seemed to be more questions and no answers.

11 thoughts on “Himalaya 5 – Clone

  1. I really love how you keep going with this story. Nice job weaving the topic of cloning in there, too! I’m really enjoying these installments — looking forward to the next part of the story! Great stuff. 🙂


  2. I applaud your adeptness at working ‘clone’ into the story this month! Ben’s dilemma has contributed to thickening the plot in several ways. Did he get this ability because Craig touched him, or did he experience his own form of ‘transformation’ on the mountain? And as for both Craig and Tania not showing their ‘auras’ one can only see that as some confirmation they’re somehow linked. I’m looking forward to when Tania tells him why she wasn’t able to go on the ward rounds. Will it help resolve some of the mystery, or only add to it? I also wonder, especially after Craig thought about how different his twin sister is, if Ben would be able to see any color on Ali. Boy, I asked a lot of questions, but that shows how you’ve drawn me in. Nice intrigue!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a conflict being weaved Bella. Reality versus non-reality that he won’t not believe. This is the stuff of mental heath when things have no evidential support for negative thinking. Strong parallel to that here. Any rational mind would refuse to accept visions of myth or legend and try to find scientific reasons…such s the high altitude and possibly low oxygen induced hallucinations. Trouble there is those “tricks” of mind aren’t going away.

    If he starts being too open publicly then people around him will be thinking men in white coats. Excellent internal conflict to battle with.

    I’m trying to think of the name of a futuristic crime thriller where everyone is on grid except one woman. This sort of reminds me of that with the two Ben can’t see an aura on. What could be the meaning of that? That could open a whole new SL. Sinister or not sinister. Are they shielding theirs because they too have experienced something they want to hide or not acknowledge….so many questions!

    Roll on the next prompt now!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hoping the next prompt will work into my idea for the next episode. Thanks for comments and the blog setting me off on this adventure into uncharted fields and discoveries about information on clones and Synesthesia.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m sure you will find a way to get the prompt in. With serialisations that’s part of the fun! As is learning new things as per your uncharted fields.

        Of course another bonus is getting to know writers. I’ve met loads via BB and am really enjoying the diversity of stories and genres.


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