Himalaya 7 – Innocent

Story so far

Craig a medical student, had been climbing in the Himalayas during a solar eclipse when he saw two Unicorns who had licked his hands. When he touched an injured climber, Ben he was miraculously healed. Later in Katmandu Craig sat by an unconscious girl holding her hand and telling her the story of the Unicorns. She too was miraculously healed.

Back at University, Craig now feared that either he had been hallucinating or he had the power to heal. Either way he faced problems.

On the first day of term he received a letter from Katmandu. He dropped it and it picked up by a girl, Tania (Titania).

When Craig opened the letter, it also contained a drawing from the girl (Alisha) who he had healed.

The picture showed him, with the two unicorns and also a fairy (Titania) wearing a crown. The fairy even looked like Tania.

Craig’s other letter from his twin sister Ali (Ailsa) she was concerned about him so was moving to be closer to him.

Ben, the climber and a detective came to Oxford because he could now see people’s auras.

Craig met Ben and he discovered that Ben, could now see people’s auras. Ben could tell if someone was telling the truth. However Craig and Tania didn’t have a coloured aura to read.

Craig’s first day on the wards had seemed to have gone well with no one being healed. But later he helped a girl who had had a fall until the ambulance arrived. He also saw Tania were she should not have been.

Craig watched as the ambulance disappeared from sight. The few people who had gathered round had also dispersed. He walked back to the bench where he had left his bike. There was no sign of Tania. Had he imaged she had been standing by his bike?

There was one way to find out. He rang her mobile. “Hi Tania. Where are you?”

“I am on the bench by the river, where you were talking to your friend yesterday.” Tania innocently responded.

“I thought you were in South Park.” A confused Craig answered.

“That’s miles away. I suppose you are going to come up with some fantastic story about a harp driving off in an ambulance.” Tania sounded amused.

Craig was speechless. Tania asked if he was still there. “Just getting on my bike. I’ll be with you shortly.`I got delayed.”

Light was beginning to fade when he finally reached Tania still sitting on the bench. “Hi. Are you OK. I was beginning to worry when you didn’t come to the ward.” Enquired Craig

“I am fine. That’s the problem.” Tania responded cheerfully.

Craig shook his head in disbelief. Could today get any stranger, he thought.

“I wanted to talk to you.” Tania started to explain, “I thought of coming to see you the other night but got cold feet. Then yesterday you had someone with you. I have been so worried I needed to talk to someone.”

“You can talk to me any time.” Craig offered supportively. He was wondering how he had ended up in this position when up until last week he had barely spoken to Tania.

“You’re going to think I am fantasying.” Tania seemed doubtful. “I don’t know where to begin.”

“Start at the beginning. My life has become one long fantasy. So I will understand.” Craig reassured.

It took Tania a few moments to gather her thoughts. “It was in the break I went to the doctors. He sent me to see a specialist.” She paused to see Craig’s reaction. Then she continued, ”They did a biopsy and I have been so worried, I had no one to talk to. I don’t think I had said above half a dozen words to you until the first day of term.”

“You must have been so worried. Don’t you have family to support you?” Craig said holding her hand supportively.

“No. They are in Australia. Anyway I hesitated talking to you. Its kind of personal. Today I went for the results.” Tania went quiet as if not sure how to continue.

“When I arrived you said you were fine?” Craig asked.

“That’s it. I am fine. They kept me for hours doing tests. They couldn’t find anything with me. They just kept double checking things. They couldn’t believe there was no evidence not even a scar. It’s like I never had cancer but the tests from the biopsy they had done came back positive. I had to talk to someone. I didn’t know who else to talk too.”

Craig was stunned.

“Say something, Craig, I am not making it up.” Tania seemed agitated and took her hand away.

“Tell me why did you think I would tell you a story about a harp driving off in a ambulance?” Craig mind was going in circles.

“I tell you I had cancer and you talk about harps in ambulances” Tania angrily stood up and started to walk off.

“Tania wait, let me try to explain. Only you will think it’s fantasy. I can heal people.” Craig paused as Tania turned back to him. “It sounds unbelievable but I healed Ben in the Himalayas. Then Alisha who sent the picture. I thought it only happened in Tibet. But what if I have healed you and a girl with a harp?” Then suddenly he sank back onto the bench. His head in his hands. “There are side effects. What have I done?”

“Side effects?” Tania came back to stand in front of him.

“Ben can see auras. He can tell if someone is innocent or guilty. Alisha can draw pictures of people and things she has not seen. How did you know about the girl and the harp?”

“I sat here and sort of dreamed it. You were helping a girl with a injured leg. There was a boy with a phone. On the path was a harp and a skate board. It wasn’t real. Just a daydream.” Tania sounded doubtful. “I don’t even know why I said that about a harp in an ambulance.”

“But it was real and I saw you by my bike. Then you were gone. The other night I saw you by the fountain in the courtyard. When I went down you were gone and the porter said you had not come into the courtyard. Were you there or did you dream that too?” Craig questioned Tania.

“I dreamt it and you saw me.” Tania was as shocked as Craig.

“It’s your side effect.” Craig tried to make sense of the chain of events and explain it to Tania. “Alisha drew a picture of me on the mountain. I thought I had imagined seeing Unicorns and they gave me the power to heal. Ben was healed, then Alisha.”

Alisha’s side effect is that she could draw you and she made you a fairy with wings. She drew you as Titania. That’s what you can do, fly from place to place and I could see you. You knew what happened in South Park. God! What have I done to that innocent girl. What’s her side effect going to be?”

“This can’t be for real?” a stunned Tania sat back down by Craig. Then another thought occurred to her. “If you can cure people what about all the people you saw today in the hospital?”

“I think I have to both touch someone and think about the unicorns. That’s what happened with Ben and Alisha. The day we had coffee we were looking at Alisha’s picture and talking about it. I must have touched you. The girl in the park had a top with a unicorn on. I was just talking to her to calm her. On the wards I wasn’t thinking about unicorns and most of the time I had surgical gloves on, so nothing happened.”

“I need time to think about this,” Tania was thoughtful. “But if you did heal me, thank you.”

“I have just remembered. I am meeting my twin sister on Saturday. She knows something is wrong. She’s moved down from Scotland because she was concerned. How can I tell her all this? She just will not believe me?” Craig looked worried. “Come with me. She can’t ask too many questions with someone else with me.”

“She’ll think I am your girl friend. How are you going to explain that?”

“I don’t know but that’s the least of my worries.”

5 thoughts on “Himalaya 7 – Innocent

  1. Some pieces of the puzzle are coming together quite nicely, but there’s lots of mystery left! We now know why Tania had somewhere else to be the other day, and Craig has a new theory on how his ability works. Considering he discovered his last theory was wrong, I’m interested to find out if he really did get it right this time. And the conversation with his sister should be very interesting…. Looking forward to seeing how that turns out!
    Oh, a tangled fingers alert: When Craig says “I was begging to worry…” I presume that was supposed to be “beginning.” The story is coming together quite nicely!


  2. Really cool! The secrets come spilling out! What other side effects has he created? Great stuff. Looking forward to reading the next part!

    Spotted a typo, by the way: “Say something, Craig, I am not making it up.” Tania seemed agitated and took her had away.

    I think that should be *hand. 🙂


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