Himalaya 8 – Bucket

Story so far

Craig a medical student, had been climbing in the Himalayas during a solar eclipse when he saw two Unicorns who had licked his hands. When he touched an injured climber, Ben he was miraculously healed. Later in Katmandu Craig sat by an unconscious girl holding her hand and telling her the story of the Unicorns. She too was miraculously healed.

Back at University, Craig now feared that either he had been hallucinating or he had the power to heal.  Either way he faced problems.

On the first day of term he received a letter from Katmandu. He dropped it and it was picked up by a girl, Tania (Titania).  

When Craig opened the letter, it also contained a drawing from the girl (Alisha) who he had healed.

The picture showed him, with the two unicorns and also a fairy (Titania) wearing a crown. The fairy even looked like Tania. 

Craig’s other letter from his twin sister Ali (Ailsa) she was concerned about him so was moving to be closer to him.

Ben, the climber and a detective came to Oxford because he could now see people’s auras.  Ben could tell if someone was telling the truth. However Craig and Tania didn’t have a coloured aura to read.

Craig’s first day on the wards had seemed to have gone well with no one being healed. But later he helped a girl, who had a harp, she had a fall at first Craig thought she had broken her leg.. He also saw Tania were she should not have been.

Tania had thought she had cancer but tests, today, showed that she was clear of cancer.  Craig realised he may have cured her. He worried that the side affect might be that she could appear in places miles away.

Craig sat on the side of his bed.  He had locked his door when he came in because he didn’t want to be disturbed.  After the events of today he needed time and another letter from Kathmandu needed to be opened.

He had been in a rush this morning, so he had not collected the mail. It was a shock to look at the picture it had contained. The Staff at the home had written that Alisha had been pleased with her present of paper and pencils and she had drawn him a picture.

He just stared at it. Then he felt a presence by him.  He looked up and it was Tania. But not the usual Tania, this Tania was almost translucent.  A translucent Tania that had entered through a locked door. He uttered her name in shock.

He could see her lips moving but no word came out. He fumbled for a pad and pen and wrote ‘Can you hear me?’ Tania nodded, then pointed to the picture.

It was all surreal, Tania was like a ghost in his room. She was as translucent as the Unicorns had been. He wondered what would happen if he touched her. The unicorns had touched him but then there had been consequences. Best keep his distance for now.

“You look like a ghost.” Craig muttered. Then he held out the picture so Tania could see it. “It came this morning but I didn’t pick it up until tonight. How could Alisha know that today I would met a girl with a harp in a park. She has even drawn a jagged line for the skyline which looks like the skyline of the Oxford’s spires you get from South Park.”

Craig waited as if expecting a reply but then realised that he could not hear Tania. Instead she pointed to the left side of the picture.

“I wondered about that. It looks like someone’s hand by a bucket on its side and something else beside it. I can’t quite make out what it is. But there was no bucket in the park. For now it’s a mystery. Maybe something is going to happen with a bucket.  I don’t have one do you?’

Tania shook her head. 

“You know its very unnerving seeing you looking like a ghost, and not being able to talk to me. Perhaps you should go home and ring me.”  Craig suggested. Tania nodded and disappeared, just as the Unicorns had done. She just faded away.

Almost immediately Craig’s mobile rang. “Are you OK you were just like a ghost?” Craig answered.

“What did you think I had kicked the bucket? “Tania joked. “I feel very dry. I need a drink but for the moment and I feel shaky. I need to sit down. Otherwise I am fine.” Tania cheerfully replied.

“I could see a translucent you but I couldn’t hear you. How did you get into my room?” Craig asked as it occurred to him. That having a ghostly figure appear in his room could create a bit of a problem. It could be embarrassing.

“I wasn’t trying to get in your room. I was just trying this ‘moving out-of-body’ thing and tried to get into my bathroom. I ended up by the fountain again. I suppose I was thinking about water. I could see your light on and just thought about you and there I was standing looking at you. I was as shocked as you were.” Tania explained.

Craig’s phone bleeped. “I have another call, who could be calling at this time of night? I best answer it, its Ali’s number.  I’ll ring back.”

But the call wasn’t from Ali.  It was from one of the stable lads using Ali’s phone. Ali had had an accident. She had been knocked unconscious, so they had sent for an ambulance. The nearest A & E was John Radcliffe Hospital, so could he meet them there?  Craig was stunned.   Shakily Craig asked what were her injuries, what had happened?

All Harry, the stable lad, could tell him was that they had found her in the yard unconscious with a bump on her head.  They hadn’t moved her. Just put a horse blanket over her.  She appeared to have fallen over a bucket. There was water and glass where she had fallen.  Now he came to look, her hand was bleeding but not much.  The ambulance had now arrived so he was moving away.  Harry rang off.

The thought that kept going round in his head was ‘Ali has fallen over a bucket”. It took several minutes for Craig to gather his thoughts into a logical order.

He rang Tania back and told her “Ali has fallen over a bucket and they are taking her to JR.  She is unconscious. I am going up to A & E on my bike.”

“I’ll meet you there.” Tania offered.  “Fallen over a bucket.  Be careful Craig. If it was foretold, it may mean you have to heal her. Just be careful, the doctors are already suspicious about my cancer suddenly disappearing. Try to get to her before the doctors. Linda’s wards rotation means she is in A & E tonight. You know Linda, the girl with the red hair on our course. Use her to get to your sister before the doctor’s do.  I am still feeling a bit weak but as soon as I can I will be with you.” 

“As long as you come in person.” Craig stressed. “Don’t think they could cope with a ghost walking round A & E.” He rang off.  Grabbed his jacket and bicycle clips and was soon peddling towards the Hospital.

How had Alisha known about the Harp and bucket? Were the pictures telling him what to do? The first had been about Tania as a fairy. He had healed her without realising. This picture he had received today was about a harp and bucket. Had Tania been right and it meant he had to heal Ali? But what would the consequences be?