Himalaya 9 – Vivacious

Story so far

Craig a medical student, had been climbing in the Himalayas during a solar eclipse when two Unicorns had licked his hands. When he touched an injured climber, Ben he was miraculously healed. Later in Katmandu Craig sat by an unconscious girl Alisha holding her hand and telling her the story of the Unicorns. She too healed.

Back at University, Craig feared that either he had been hallucinating or he had the power to heal. Either way he faced problems.

On the first day of term he received a letter from Katmandu which he dropped. It was picked up by Tania (Titania).

When Craig opened the letter, it also contained a drawing from the Alisha. The picture showed him, with the two unicorns and also a fairy (Titania) wearing a crown. The fairy looked like Tania.

Craig’s twin sister Ali (Ailsa) who was moving to be closer to him.

Ben, the climber and a detective came to Oxford because he could now see people’s auras and could tell if someone was telling the truth. However Craig and Tania didn’t have a coloured aura to read.

Craig’s first day on the wards had gone well with no one being healed. But later he helped a girl (Jane), who had a harp. He also saw Tania were she should not have been.

Tania had thought she had cancer but tests, showed that she was now clear of cancer. Craig realised he may have cured her. Tania appeared in his room looking translucent. Craig received a phone call to say Ali had had an accident.

Craig was out of breath by the time he had cycled up to the hospital. As he put his bike in the rack, Matthew, a medical student who lived in his halls of residence came out of the hospital.

“Hi Craig,” he cheerfully greeted Craig. “What’s going on? First the ice maiden is all over you, now the vivacious Linda is asking for you.”

“Can’t stop!” Craig said as he rushed past Matthew heading for A & E. He left Matthew wondering why suddenly all the girls wanted Craig, who he had always thought was dull and boring.

Linda, a fellow medical student, met Craig as he came into A & E. “Hi, Tania rang to let me know what had happened. They have just brought your sister in. I will show you the way. I didn’t know you and Tania were a thing?”

“What? No we are just friends, How’s my sister?” Linda led the way into a cubicle. There was a nurse stood by the bed taking Ali’s blood pressure and connecting her to monitors. Linda introduced Craig to the nurse as Ali’s brother and tactfully left Craig to answer questions.

Craig was stunned to see his usually bright active sister lay in a bed. She looked ashen with the evidence of blood which had flowed from a head wound, caked on her face and covering her clothes. Her one hand was bandaged.

The nurse told him they were waiting to send her for a scan but in the mean time, could he answer questions. They were standard questions but a couple of times the nurse had to repeat the question. Craig had a splitting headache. It often happened, that as twins, they could feel each other’s pain. For now it left him confused. He felt shaky, so he sat on the bed and took his sister’s uninjured hand.

“I’ll get you a chair. You look as ashen as your sister.” The nurse said. Then she must have spoken to Linda hovering outside the curtained cubicle, because Linda appeared with a chair.

“You look awful. We will soon get Ali a scan.” Linda said reassuringly. Her usual bouncy personality subdued and professional.

“Thanks.” Craig muttered. If he was right, what he had to do was to hold Ali’s hand and tell her the legend of the Unicorns, just as Ben had told him. It had to be sooner rather than later, before they found out the extent of Ali’s injuries. He held Ali’s hand tightly and silently recited the story. Nothing seemed to happen. So he closed his eyes and thought about everything that had happened that day on a mountain in the Himalayas.

His headache seemed to ease a little. Then he heard Ali faintly telling him he was holding her hand to tight.

He opened his eyes. Ali was just as she had been. Her eyes were closed. Her dark matted hair highlighted her face which was still white. He looked across to the nurse. “She may be unconscious for a time. Her vital signs have improved slightly.” The nurse turned to check the monitors again. ‘Unconscious’ but he had heard Ali’s voice or had it all been in his head.

Craig looked back at Ali. “Craig what is happening? Where am I?” A frightened Ali muttered. But her lips didn’t move and her eyes remained closed. The nurse appeared not to have heard his sister speak. He looked from the nurse back to Ali.

“It’s OK Ali. You are in hospital. I am beside you. Can you hear me?” Craig transmitted his message silently looking straight at his sisters face. What if the side effect was to make Ali telepathic? He waited to see if she responded.

“It’s dark. I can’t see. I can hear you.”Craig could hear the fear in Ali’s voice.

“ Give it time. Your sight will come back. You had a fall at the stables. For the moment it’s better if you keep your eyes closed. They are going to take you for a scan. You must have hit your head. Just rest for now.” Craig was not sure how his sister would react if she know they were talking telepathically. The situation was confusing enough as it was. “Harry phoned from the stables. He told me you had fallen over a bucket. You knocked yourself unconscious. Your body has shut down while it heals. Just try to relax.” Craig tried to reassure his sister although alarm bells were ring in his head and his headache was making him feel confused. Or was it Ali who was confused and he was just sensing the emotion.

“I didn’t fall over a bucket.” Ali’s voice was fragmented but the message was clear. “There was someone there in the yard. They wore black they were carrying something in their hand. There must have been two of them, someone hit me from behind.”

Craig almost jumped as a hand was gently laid on his shoulder. He turned almost expecting someone to hit him. He was relieved to see it was Tania, the real Tania not a ghost.

“The porter is on his way to take Ali for a scan.” Tania soothingly informed him. “Linda told me but she had finished her shift when I called her and she waited for you. She has now gone for a meal.”

“What? Who’s that?” Ali’s voice resounded shakily in his head.

“It’s OK it’s my friend Tania.” Craig turned back to Ali to reassure her but this time he said the words out loud.

“Unconscious patients often hear what you are saying. Just reassure Ali and she will know you are here.” Tania responded.

The porter arrived. “We can go down with her.” Tania told Craig.

“We will be with you. You are going for a scan.” Craig spoke out loud but then silently he added. “If you were attacked. I need to talk to Tania to tell her what has happened. Harry didn’t know. He told me you fell over a bucket.”

Craig felt ill. His head still ached and he felt confused. He was channeling Ali’s pain and metal state and it was stopping his ability to think clearly. He needed Tania’s logical mind to sort out the present situation. Who would attack Ali and why?

10 thoughts on “Himalaya 9 – Vivacious

  1. While it was a fantasy story at first, it’s starting to turn into a murder mystery.
    The recaps at the beginnings are helpful.
    I have to say that I’m slightly mixing up people. So many characters in this.
    Can’t wait for next month.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for comment. I will remember to qualify who people are when they reappear in the story. Tania could not be described as Vivacious so I needed to reintroduce Linda just so I could describe her as Vivacious. Not planning to murder anyone yet, but who knows what the prompt word may suggest.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Boy, oh boy, are things ramping up! I liked the suspense as Craig wonders if his ability is going to work this time, and then finding out they’ve developed a telepathic link was intriguing! I presume we’ll find out if Ali’s ability becomes ‘universal’, or if it works only with Craig? On a technical note: ‘Linda let the way into a cubicle’ I believe is ‘led.’ Looking forward to finding out if Ali’s attackers become the first ‘case’ for their team, and certainly wondering why they attacked her in the first place!

    Liked by 1 person

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