Himalaya 10 – Castle

Story so far

Craig a medical student, had been climbing in the Himalayas during a solar eclipse when two Unicorns had licked his hands.  When he touched an injured climber, Ben he was miraculously healed.  Later in Katmandu Craig sat by an unconscious girl Alisha holding her hand and telling her the story of the Unicorns.  She too healed.  

Back at University, Craig feared that either he had been hallucinating or he had the power to heal.  Either way he faced problems.

On the first day of term he received a letter from Katmandu which he dropped. It was picked up by Tania (Titania).  

When Craig opened the letter, it also contained a drawing from the Alisha.  The picture showed him, with the two unicorns and also a fairy (Titania) wearing a crown. The fairy looked like Tania. 

Craig’s twin sister Ali (Alisa) who was moving to be closer to him.

Ben, the climber and a detective came to Oxford because he could see people’s auras and could tell if someone was telling the truth. However Craig and Tania didn’t have a coloured aura to read.

Craig’s first day on the wards had gone well with no one being healed. But later he helped a girl (Jane), who had a harp. He also saw Tania were she should not have been.

Tania had thought she had cancer but tests, showed that she was now clear of cancer.  Craig realised he may have cured her.  Tania appeared in his room looking translucent. Craig received a phone call to say Ali had had an accident and had been admitted to hospital.

Craig flopped down on to his bed after kicking off his shoes. He lay there trying to bring his thoughts back into focus.  Ali had been taken to hospital unconscious. He had sat holding her hand trying to work out what to do. If he was right, then he could heal her, by both touching her and thinking about the unicorns. The problem was that as a twin he could feel her pain.  His head ached and he felt confused.  What had happen next was even more confusing. She had talked to him telepathically while remaining unconscious.  

Following a scan the Doctor had asked a lot of questions. It appeared Ali had fractured her skull sometime in the past. Craig had been vague saying that as she rode horses she had had several falls.  How could he reveal that her injuries had begun to heal because of the unicorn’s magic? How could he tell the doctor he had been talking to her telepathically? The doctors would not believe Ali had been cured by magic.  It occurred to him that each time he had healed someone there had been a side effect.  Being able to talk to Ali telepathically must be the side effect.

Ali had finally come round but she was confused and remembered nothing about her injuries.  The doctor said they would keep Ali in hospital over night because of the concussions. As he sat by his sister, Craig had two Ali’s talking to him. The Ali that lay in the bed and was confused and spoke with a frail voice and a telepathic voice which resounded in Craig’s head. He assumed it must be Ali’s subconscious. The subconscious Ali told him someone had a attacked her from behind. She had seen a man in the yard holding something.  Because of the famous stud horses, including White Orchid which had won the Grand National, the security at the yard was tight. The man should not have been there. The whole situation coupled with him feeling unwell sent his mind into free fall.  He felt like he was loosing hold on reality.

When Ali was taken up to a ward in the early hours, Craig came home. His head ached he was confused and tired. The only person he could talk to was Tania and she had gone home earlier and would be fast to sleep by now. He didn’t know what to do. No one would believe him, even if he rang the Castle Stud Farm to tell them Ali was attacked. They believed that Ali had fallen over a bucket. Surely they would have checked their security system to see what had happened to Ali. Or would they no bother, would they not see there had been an intruder. 

With his mind in a spin. He closed his eyes and was suddenly in another place and time. His feet felt cold and wet. He looked down. He had taken his shoes off when he had lay on the bed fully clothed. Now the damp dew on the grass was seeping into his socks. He looked around. He found he was in a large meadow with lush green grass sprinkled with meadow flowers. The meadow was surrounded by trees and in the distance there was a hill with a castle on top of it.  There were red and white pennants flying from its tall towers. Should he walk towards it, he thought.  It must be occupied because of the pennants. He felt like he was in a fairy tale and knight on horses would suddenly appear.

He felt a movement behind him.  He turned. He was facing the white unicorn stallion. For a time he just stood there stunned. The stallion pawed the earth. Craig held his hands out as if to say I don’t understand.  The stallion stopped and stepped back then dropped his head so his horn touched the ground near Craig’s wet feet. 

Craig bent down and where the unicorns horn touched the ground was a small white flower.

Not sure what to do Craig asked, “Do you want me to pick it?” The stallion stepped back again and seemed to nod his head. 

Craig stood up with the flower in his hand. He suddenly felt dizzy and for a moment closed his eyes as the world seemed to be spinning round.

When the dizziness stopped Craig was conscious that he was lying down. His feet were wet and he sensed someone near so he opened his eyes.  There was no meadow, no castle and no unicorns.  Just a ghostly looking Tania standing by his bed in his room in the halls of residence.

“Are you OK,” the ghostly figure asked. Craig was shocked last time Tania had transported herself to his room he couldn’t hear her. But then Ben’s powers had developed with time. So maybe Tania’s powers had taken time to develop too.

“I must have been dreaming.  I can hear you,” Craig answered still not sure if he was a wake or still dreaming.

“You gave me a fright,” Tania exclaimed. “You are lying on the bed fully clothed and you looked like you were dead, lying there holding a flower in both hands.  But at least it’s not a Arum lily.”

Craig sat up. His head was still spinning. He just stared at the flower he had picked in the meadow. How could you dream you had picked a flower and then wake up holding it?

Tania too looked at the flower. “It’s not a lily. It’s a wild orchid,” she commented.

Craig sat on the side of the bed. Just staring at the flower. “It’s a white orchid” he exclaimed.

“It’s a orchid and it’s white.  So why are you holding it?” Tania wondered.

“I dreamt the unicorn showed me the flower and I picked it, but when I woke up I was still holding it.” Craig suddenly made the connection.  “The unicorn wanted me to have it.  It’s a white orchid and that’s the name of one of the horses at the stables Ali works at.  The unicorn was trying to tell me that White Orchid, the horse, is in danger.  What happened to Ali is something to do with White Orchid. She didn’t fall over a bucket. Someone was at Castle Stud and it has to do with White Orchid.”

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