Himalaya 12 – The Flute

Story so far

Craig a medical student, had been climbing in the Himalayas during a solar eclipse when two Unicorns had licked his hands.  They gave him the magical power of healing. He touched an injured climber, Ben and he was healed.  Later in Katmandu Craig healed Alisha by holding her hand and telling her the story of the Unicorns.

Back at University, Craig received a letter from Katmandu which he dropped. It was picked up by Tania (Titania).  When Craig opened the letter, it also contained a drawing from the Alisha.  The picture showed him, with the two unicorns and also a fairy that looked like Tania.

Craig’s twin sister Ali (Alisa) had moving to Castle Stud.

Ben, the climber and a detective came to Oxford to tell Craig he could now see people’s auras and c if they told the truth.  Craig and Tania didn’t have a coloured aura to read.

 After Craig’s first day on the wards  helped a girl (Jane), who had a harp. 

Craig realised he had healed Tania of cancer.  Tania appeared in his room looking translucent, a side effect of the healing magic. Craig received a phone call to say Ali had had an accident and had been admitted to hospital. Craig healed Ali but now he could talk to her telepathically. The unicorn stallion gave Craig a white orchid which made him think the unicorns want him to help White Orchid a horse at the Stud. Craig and Tania took Ali back to the Stud from Hospital and were met at the gate.

12 The Flute

The man who was wearing a cloth cap and riding boots, stared at the multicoloured car, then at the occupants. He stepped through the gate closing it behind him. He walked to the driver’s side of the car. “This is private property.  You can reverse out,” he sternly advised.

Craig got out of the passenger seat and leant on the gold coloured car roof which had butterflies painted on it. “We have brought my sister back from the hospital.  She lives here.”

The man looked in the back of the car as if he had only just noticed Ali. “Well! Not any more. She was on trial and walking round the stables at night while drunk is not acceptable. She can collect her things but you stay out of here.”

“What!”  A shocked Ali had got out of the car and stared at the man. “I don’t know who you are?”

The man had by now walked round the car and faced the brother and sister but he spoke directly to Ali, “I am the Head Groom. Now I will let you in to collect your things but not these two.”  He nodded towards Craig and Tania.

Tania, who had also got out of the car, had been looking at the sign by the gate, that not only announced ‘Castle Stud Farm’ but also said underneath the owners names. “We would like to speak to Mr Webb, please,” she announced. “You can’t sack Ali for having an accident.”

The Head Groom was defiant. “I am in charge of the stables,” he stated. “I was away when Ali was engaged but I am back now and what I say goes.”

Tania rang the number conveniently displayed on the board. Craig listened as Tania in a mixture of polite requests and firm demands talked to someone on the other end of the phone.

Groom angrily intervened. “You shouldn’t have done that.  The family are celebrating the arrival of a new grandchild.” 

A few minutes later a tall grey haired man, holding a champagne flute, came out to the gate. He looked suspiciously at the psychedelic car and Tania with her long black hair falling nearly to her waist who was wearing a long black dress.   He shook his head and looked at his champagne flute as if to question how much he had drunk. “Well!”`he paused. “Ali, we weren’t on site last night when you had your Er…. accident.” He looked at Ali as he spoke, “James here has pointed out to me that drinking in the yard is a dismissible offence. I am sorry but I have to dismiss you.”

“But I don’t drink,” protested Ali.

“There was glass by the bucket you fell over,” James informed everyone.

“I don’t remember what happened. I just know I have never had a  drink in my life. I don’t know why I was in the yard,” Ali defended herself struggling to remember the events of last night.

While was Ali’s conscious voice talking, her subconscious voice was telling Craig a different story. “Perhaps,” Craig translated her thoughts, “You heard something that made you go out to investigate.”

“No one else heard anything except you shouting out when you fell,” James commented smugly.

“If that is true, can we see the security footage from last night?” Craig requested.

“No you can’t,” Mr Webb firmly responded, “No one sees that, especially strangers like you.”

“Thats right,” James butted in.

Mr Webb continued, “You say you are Ali’s brother but if you are twins you look nothing alike.  I know nothing about any of you. Ali could have told us a pack of lies on her C.V. I can’t show you our security system. You could be trying to steal our horses for all I know.”

Craig wasn’t going to be defeated. “Then will you look at the footage Mr Webb? I can see that this moment is not a good time. I suggest we come back tomorrow and we can then discuss the situation. You can’t sack Ali because she had a fall, not without evidence that she did something wrong.  My sister has come down from Scotland for this job. She has nowhere to go.”

“She can collect her things now. I don’t want her on site,” Mr Webb stressed but added, “I will see you tomorrow, at shall we say, 10 o’clock?” Craig had to be satisfied with that.

“But I can’t drive my car away,” Ali protested sounding confused.

Craig explained that because Ali was still concussed she should not drive it. It was finally agreed that Ali should be let in to get a bag of overnight things and they would return tomorrow.  Tania had offered to let her sleep on the sofa of the house she shared with Linda, a fellow medical student. 

While they were driving back to Oxford the topic of conversation was the stables until Craigs mobile rang. It was from Mrs Morris, the mother of Jane, the girl with the harp, who Craig had helped when she had an accident in South Park.

“Jane’s Mother,” Craig explained to the others, “rang to say thank you.  Jane’s fine. Jane and her brother are going to put on a little concert in South Park on Sunday. They would like me to come, so Jane could say thank you in person.”  Craig paused and then looking at Tania adding pointedly, “Jane’s harp playing has improved beyond recognition.  Her teacher was stunned by her improvement. She has so much confidence in her playing that she will be playing the harp and  her brother will accompany her on the flute.”

Craig felt relief.  If the side effect of his healing Jane was only an improvement in her harp playing he could cope with that.  What he had to do now was concentrate on Ali’s problem and the conundrum of why the Unicorns wanted him to take an interest in White Orchid, the stallion at the Stud.  He secretly hoped that Alisha, in Kathmandu, would send him another picture with a clue in it. 

3 thoughts on “Himalaya 12 – The Flute

  1. Very gripping conflict in this installment! I can only suspect the head groomsman is up to something and the owner will discover he might need to pay more attention to what’s going on in his stables. Looking forward to finding out what the security footage will reveal … although I suspect it won’t be the truth! Great way to work in the word Flute, not only once but twice. As usual I’m looking forward to what happens next!


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