Himalaya – 13 Liberate

Story so far

Craig a medical student, had been climbing in the Himalayas during a solar eclipse when two Unicorns had licked his hands. They gave him the magical power of healing. He healed Ben a climber. Later in Katmandu hospital Craig healed Alisha an injured orphan child.

Back at University, Craig received a letter from Katmandu. He dropped it and it was picked up by Tania (Titania). Craig opened the letter which also contained a drawing from the Alisha. The picture showed him, with the two unicorns and also a fairy that looked like Tania.

Craig’s twin sister Ali (Alisa) had moving to Castle Stud.

Ben, the climber and a detective came to Oxford. He told Craig he could now see people’s auras and if they told the truth.

After Craig’s first day on the wards he helped a girl (Jane), who had a harp.

Craig realised he had healed Tania of cancer. Tania appeared in his room looking translucent, a side effect of the healing magic. Ali, Craig’s sister had had an accident and had been admitted to hospital. Craig healed Ali but now he could talk to her telepathically. The unicorn stallion gave Craig a white orchid which he asked Linda to make into a brooch. Craig and Tania took Ali back to the Stud from Hospital. Ali was told she was sacked for drinking in the stable yard.

Tania had suggested they went straight to her house. Craig had expected a typical shared student lodgings. It was in fact a detached house in extensive grounds. The security gates opened automatically as did the garage doors.

Craig and Ali got out while Tania hid her multicoloured car in the double garage. Craig carried Ali’s things and they went through the front door into a spacious hall.

“Not what I was expecting,” Craig said as he looked around. Linda emerged from a room.

“Hi,” she exclaimed. “Tania doesn’t usually bring visitors.”

“Ali needed somewhere to stop, so I said she can sleep on the sofa,” Tania led them through to an enormous lounge with french windows looking out on to well kept gardens. “Just pop Ali’s things on one of the sofas for now and I will show you around.”

Tania took them into the room Linda had emerged from. It was a large dining room but the table was covered with boxes.

“This was the dining room but Linda has taken over,” Tania explained.

“I am making badges for a rally. Hang on I have your brooch here,” as Linda unearthed a small box and handed it to Craig. He opened it and it was the white orchid.

Craig in turn gave it to Ali. “This is for you.”

“Whoo, thanks, this is beautiful. It looks real. I’ll save it for a special occasion.” Ali stared at it.

“It is to wear now to bring good luck. It’s a kind of magical brooch,” Craig pinned it onto her top.

“This is the kitchen but the rest of the rooms down stairs are out of bounds. Linda and I have rooms upstairs but the other rooms are also out of bounds,” Tania said leading them back to the dining room after a quick tour of the kitchen.

“Are there only two of you here,” Craig wondered out aloud.

“Yes, It’s my father’s House. You will find his rooms locked. He thinks if I stay here we will be cheaper than security,” Tania joked a little bitterly. “Otherwise I only see him about once every five years.”

“What are you making?” Ali asked Linda looking at all the badges.

“Well, I made some for a rally, now every time anyone does a protest I get asked to make badges. Someone always wants to liberate someone or something,” Linda explained.

“My Dad, the hippy, was always liberating animals from research labs,” Tania told them.

Craig thought that there was a mysterious past but hesitated to ask. “Now we prescribe the drugs that your father was trying to prevent being tested to save lives.”

“Very true, but we had better go, Craig, or we will be late getting to the hospital,” Tania reminded him.

Craig and Tania had a busy shift on the Geriatrics Ward. Tania arranged to pick Craig up next morning about 9 o’clock for their visit to Castle Stud Farm.

Tania was on time. Craig was late. He had to sit in the back as Ali was in the front seat. “Glad to see you are wearing your brooch,” Craig commented as he got in the car.

“Yes. It’s so pretty,” Ali replied. ‘Tania made me wear it,’ Ali’s subconscious added.

Craig wondered if he should tell his sister she was sending telepathic messages. “Do you remember yet why you were in the stable yard?” Craig cautiously asked.

“No, it’s all still a blank,” Ali answered, ‘I saw someone from my bedroom window in the yard’ was the subconscious reply.

“I was late because I was talking to Ben,” Craig explained juggling the thoughts in his had. “He was a climber I was with in the Himalayas,” Craig told Ali adding. “He is also a Police Inspector. I was asking his advice.”

Ali wasn’t sure that her getting sacked was a criminal matter. Finally they arrived at the Stud and they were reluctantly let in and taken to the office.

Mr Webb, the owner of the Stud, met them and immediately produced a photo taken from the security camera. It showed Ali lying on the floor in the yard. There was glass scattered by her hand and a bucket on it’s side.

Craig and Tania studied the photo while Ali told Mr Webb that she didn’t drink so it couldn’t be alcohol in the glass.

“Could we see some shots taken before this one to show Ali falling, please,” Craig asked not satisfied.

Mr Webb was not happy but finally agreed. He phoned his wife with instructions. Mr Webb was not going to let them near the security system. Mrs Webb arrived with two photos, “I had difficulty in isolating the moment Ali fell,” she told them putting two photos on the table.

Craig studied them for a time looking at all three photos. “This one,” Craig pointed to one of the new photos. “The time stamp says ten, twenty three and three seconds shows the yard empty but there is a broom and bucket by the stable door. This one, three seconds later shows Ali on the floor. The bucket is by her but there is no broom by the stable door. That’s a lot to happen in three seconds, Ali to come into the yard and the broom to disappear.”

Mr Webb then studied the two photos Craig had indicated. Tania was also studying the photos “It’s a bit like spot the difference pictures you get in the paper. If you look at the background not at Ali there are a lot of little things that are different.”

“Are you suggesting I have doctored the tapes?” Mr Webb sounded angry.

“No,” Craig hastily replied, “You wouldn’t need to. I think Ali interrupted someone in your yard, someone who was able to access you security system and to reset your tape. It wasn’t Ali because she was unconscious. The question is who and what were they doing?”

Ali had plonked her self down in a chair. She looked pale. One hand was on her orchid brooch, the other was holding her head. “I can hear voices in by head,” Ali sounded totally confused.

Craig knelt by his sister and touched her arm. He could also hear the voices and he realised who was speaking.

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