Himalaya 16 Conceal

The Story so far


Ben looked round at the four other people in the room.  “That’s strange,” he thought, “there are only three people who’s aura I can not read and they are all sat in the room with me.”  They were Craig, his twin and Tania who were all an enigma, as their feelings were concealed. Mr Webb however was an open book. At the moment he was showing a bright orange, an indication he was agitated. When he explained the situation to Ben it was green, indicating he was telling the truth. 

“What we need to work out,” Ben suggested, “is what is going on. Is someone trying to steal one of the horses or is something else going on?  In this day and age, with DNA testing, stealing a stud horse for stud purposes would be impossible. Stealing a horse for ransom could be a possibility. That could have been what happened with Shergar. When was that?”

Mr Webb was thoughtful for a moment. “1981, I believe. That’s forty years ago. The ransom was 2 million then, so what would they ask now? No one knows what happened to Shergar, it’s a mystery. It was tragic.  I can’t have that happen to White Orchid or any of my horses. How do you steal and conceal a racehorse? If that is what is going on, I must contact the police immediately.”

“It has to be an inside job for someone to be able to change your security tapes. The question is, what was the glass that cut Ali’s hand? I think, we can ignore the suggestion that she had been drinking and had a drink in her hand. The night Ali was attacked something was going on that involved a glass container which got broken,” Ben kept a close eye on Mr Webb watching his aura. It was still green. He continued, “You could contact the police but that might escalate the situation. I could visit the stables and take a look around if you could think of a cover story.” 

It took nearly half a hour to come up with a plan of action.  Ben would visit the stables later in the day. He would pose as a writer doing research for a book about retired racehorses.  Mr Webb would visit the police and discuss the situation with them. With such valuable horses at the stud, not just his stallions but the visiting mares he declared he could not afford to take risks.  Discretion was paramount, his business could be damaged if it became known he had a security problem.

When Mr Webb had left, Ben explained his position to Craig. He was on ‘Leave’ following a disagreement with his superiors. He believed someone was innocent when all the evidence suggested a man was guilty. How could he explain that he could read people’s auras. So it had been suggested he take a couple of weeks leave. That was why Ben had be driving to Oxford when Craig rang.

Ali had listened with fascination to the conversations. “I just don’t understand what’s going on. Please explain it in simple language. I am so confused, Craig.”

Craig took a deep breath. “Well I didn’t mean to conceal things from any of you. When I was in the Himalayas, during the eclipse, I saw two unicorns. Yes, I know they don’t exist. I thought it was an hallucination, but then things keep happening. It’s bizarre! I can heal people if I think of the unicorns. The problem is that there are side effects. Ben can see auras, Tania can transport herself, Ali you are telepathic. I  can hear what you are thinking and if I am touching someone they too can hear as well. Then there is a girl called Jane who can play a harp exceptionally well where before she could not play. The other person is Alisha in Kathmandu, who sends me pictures foretelling the future. The thing is, I got a picture in an email today. It shows the four of us sitting in a circle holding hands. It’s similar to Alisha’s earlier picture of Jane, so I know it’s South Park from the way she has drawn the skyline.  Jane is there in the distance with the harp, which means it must be Sunday when Jane is giving a concert.”

“This is ridiculous, teleporting, telepathy, healing and foretelling the future! Theses  things don’t exist, Craig, you are fantasising,” Ben interrupted.

“Just as reading people’s aura isn’t possible but you do it,” Craig quickly retorted.

“No one can teleport,” Ali added, as she was finding it as difficult to take it all in as Ben.

“I can only ‘think myself’ to where Craig is,” Tania explained. “I can’t go where I want. It’s weird, I tried to go from my bedroom into the bathroom once and ended in Craig’s room.”

“That could be embarrassing,” Ben commented but after a moments thought he added, “Almost as embarrassing as four adults, sitting in a circle, holding hands, in a public park during a concert. It’s not going to happen.”

Craig looked at Tania, “At least you believe me don’t you?”

“Yes but there are so many things we don’t know. Like if I transport myself can other people see me.  If Ali can hear what horses are thinking, can she hear what cats think. If Jane can play the harp, how does it relate to being able to read auras. Then again do Alisha’s pictures relate to the future or are we making things happen. If we all go to the park on Sunday because of the picture, then Alisha hasn’t predicted the future, she has created it. Do you see what I mean?” Tania thoughtfully tried to make sense of the situation.

“What! Ali can hear what horses are thinking? I have come to a mad house,” a shocked Ben commented.

“No, it’s just the house of the ‘Magical Unicorns’, or so Mr Webb told us earlier. I didn’t know Tania’s father was a singer in a band called the ‘Magical Unicorns’. I didn’t know the legend of the Unicorns until Ben told me in the Himalayas. Something is drawing us together. It has to be the Magical Unicorns. They have made us super heroes. The question is, what do they want us to do?” Craig challenged.