Himalaya 14 – Wretched

Story so far

Craig a medical student, had been climbing in the Himalayas during a solar eclipse when two Unicorns had licked his hands. They gave him the magical power of healing. He healed Ben a climber. Later in Katmandu hospital Craig healed Alisha an injured orphan child.

Back at University, Craig received a letter from Katmandu. He dropped and it was picked up by Tania (Titania). Craig opened the letter which also contained a drawing from the Alisha. The picture showed him, with the two unicorns and also a fairy that looked like Tania.

Craig’s twin sister Ali (Alisa) had moving to Castle Stud.

Ben, the climber and a detective came to Oxford. He told Craig he could now see people’s auras and if they told the truth.

After Craig healed a girl (Jane), who had could now play a harp.

Craig realised he had healed Tania of cancer. Tania appeared in his room looking translucent, a side effect of the healing magic. Ali, Craig’s sister had had an accident and had been admitted to hospital. Craig healed Ali but now he could talk to her telepathically. The unicorn stallion gave Craig a white orchid which he asked Linda to make into a brooch. Craig and Tania took Ali back to the Stud from Hospital. Ali was told she was sacked for drinking in the stable yard. When they revisited the stables a second time Ali was distressed as she could hear voices in her head.

Craig remained kneeling by Ali for a few moments in the stables office. He turned to Tania and asked her to hold Ali’s other hand.

“Ali, I know you are feeling wretched but you are still suffering from concussion,” he told her gently. “We should take you back to the house.” Craig then stood up leaving Tania with Ali.

He addressed Mr Webb with more confidence than he felt. “Ali needs to rest. Coming out here is too much for her. Could you come down to the house in, say, a hour then we can discuss what you are going to do about Ali’s job.”

“I could ring you. I am busy this morning,” Mr Webb insisted. He seemed agitated as he looked from the video screen photos then to his wife and then back to Craig.

“Ali could sue you for negligence but we could discuss it quietly. What Ali wants is her job back. I will expect you in an hour, no later, as Tania and I are working at the hospital later. Don’t do anything until we have talked, involving the police might cause a problem,” Craig then took Ali’s arm and walked her to Tania’s car.

Tania seemed upset while Ali was holding her head. As Tania drove out of the stables, Craig turned to the back seat, where Ali was sitting. “Your head is better now the voices are gone.” It was a statement not a question. “I have a great deal to explain but we can do that at the house. I have to make a call.”

Craig called Ben and from the conversation Tania realised he was being invited to visit the house. She pulled into a lay-by. “Craig you can not invite Ben to my father’s house,” she angrily interrupted.

Craig merely told Ben to ring him when he reached Oxford.

“My father rang last night and told me off for inviting you and Ali into the house,” Tania seemed distressed. “You cannot invite Ben or Mr Webb to the house.”

“How will he know?” Craig wondered as he tried to work out what to do, having already made the invitations.

“My father watches the security video,” Tania sounded annoyed, but she continued trying to explain. “I told him Ali was a friend who needed a bed for the night but he wasn’t happy. Also he thinks you are my boyfriend and has told me you are not to visit and, as for Ben, he would be really angry.”

“What is it about Ben? He couldn’t think Ben was a boyfriend. He’s old enough to be your father!” Craig was perplexed by the subject.

Ali interrupted, still sounding wretched, “I don’t know what you are on about but I could find a place if you don’t want me.”

Craig turned back to his twin sister. “Ali it’s complicated.” Craig took a deep breath. He had to explain sooner or later. “When I was in the Himalayas something strange happened.”

“I know that. I have had funny feelings ever since the day of the eclipse. I wondered if you saw it but you haven’t talked about it,” Ali answered.

“Yes that was when it happened but I am not able to explain it right now but I can heal people. I just have to touch them and think of what happened during the eclipse.” Craig paused to see the effect on his sister. “The problem is, there are side affects.”

“Side affects! What are you talking about? Healing people is a good thing if you want to be a doctor, isn’t it?” Ali asked sounding confused.

“Well yes and no. I healed a girl called Jane and she is now an expert at playing the harp. Alisha in Tibet keeps sending me pictures foretelling the future. The thing is, I tried to heal you and you have a side affect.”

“What side affect?” Ali asked in alarm.

“You are telepathic,” Craig explained as gently as he could, “I can hear your thoughts and if I am touching Tania, she can hear them as well.”

“Hear my thoughts? I don’t believe you,” Ali was sounding distressed.

“Think of a five figure number, Ali,” Craig told his sister as he reached out to hold Tania’s hand.

After a pause Tania repeated Ali’s thoughts, “ 67839” Ali sat open mouthed.

“There is more Ali. The voices you heard in the stable office, you received them telepathically,” Craig calmly explained.

“But they were talking rubbish, they kept asking who I was and what I wanted,” Ali objected.

“Yes but I think it was White Orchid, the stallion that was talking to you. Remember you were touching the white orchid brooch.”

“What! Are you saying I was listening to the ramblings of a horse? That’s ridiculous,” Ali exclaimed putting her hands up to her head.

Craig tried to reassure her, “The brooch is the link between you and White Orchid. I know it sounds strange but no stranger than Ben being able to know if people are telling the truth. He can see their auras. That’s why we need Ben here so he knows who is telling us the truth and who is lying,” he turned to look at Tania. “He has a camper van. All we have to do is find somewhere for him to park. Your father can’t be angry if he just came to the house.”

Tania just stared at Craig for a moment before answering him. “You don’t understand. If my father came back to England he would be arrested. The last thing he wants is a police inspector nosing round the house.”

‘I feel wretched,’ Ali transmitted her thoughts but as Craig was still holding Tania’s hand she too could hear. ‘Let me get this straight. I can talk to you telepathically. I can be a Dr Dolittle and talk to animals. You friend’s a lie detector. Oh and Tania’s father’s a criminal.’

“Well I guess that sums it up, apart from I get pictures foretelling the future and Tania can transport herself to places. We are like super heroes but everything seems to relates back to White Orchid,” Craig added.

“and,” Tania explained, trying to set the record straight, “My father’s not a criminal, not yet. He hasn’t been arrested.”