Himalaya 17 – Exotic

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By Sunday morning Ben was finally convinced that Craig, Tania and Ali’s had magical powers, after all he could not deny his own powers. Ben had by now visited the Castle stables twice and spent time talking to the stable’s staff.  

They had accepted his story that he was writing a book and answered his odd questions. There had been only two people who were showing red aura’s during these conversations. Harry, the stable lad, who had rung Craig the night that Ali had her accident was definitely hiding something when the topic of unusual events came up. His story that he had just happened to find Ali wasn’t true. The other person was James, the head groom, he was definitely telling lies.  His answers were all tinged with red. There was also a purple aura that Ben had identified as someone calculating answers.

Ben’s camper van had been parked in the drive of Tania’s father’s house. Tania had received several phone calls from her father in New Zealand. He was not happy and even threatened to return to England. Tania’s new friends were giving him grave concern. However, it was apparent that he was more concerned about the Magical Unicorn memorabilia, which was locked away in the house, than Tania’s wellbeing.

On Sunday morning Craig had again returned to the topic of going to South Park to listen to Jane’s concert. “I am not going to have a seance in broad daylight in a public park,”  Ben protested.

“Just think of it as picnic in the park,” Craig insisted.

Ali had found distraction in cooking exotic dishes in the kitchen. The result was the picnic was not cheese and pickle sandwiches.

They sat around a picnic blanket tucking into the treats as they listened to the music. Jane’s performance was fifth on the list. As the harp music drifted across to them Craig insisted they held hands. Ben was reluctant but finally agreed. Nothing happened. Ben removed his hands, embarrassed. “That didn’t work. I presume something magical was supposed to happen.”

Then Jane began to play her second piece. “That’s my song,”Tania excitedly declared. ‘Dance with me Fairy’, the song that was the Magical Unicorns biggest hit. We should hold hands now. It’s a sign.”

Ben looked round to make sure no one was looking but as they were in the shade of a tree they were well hidden. He took Tania and Ali’s out stretched hands reluctantly.

Suddenly there was a strange feeling, almost as if an electric current was passing through them. Ben looked at Craig. “Don’t let go,” Craig clearly told him but his lips did not  move. “While we are in a circle Ali’s power allows us to talk telepathically.” 

“What else is happening?” Ben thought out aloud.

“I think Tania’s power is taking us somewhere,” and the strange feeling continued but now the four of them seemed to be spinning. When finally the spinning stopped, before they could gather their thoughts, a new voice said, “Welcome to my hidden kingdom. Keep holding hands.  It will hold you here and I can talk through Ali.”

There beside them stood the magnificent white unicorn stallion. They had been transported to the meadow that Craig had visited before. He could see the wild orchids around them and in the distance the same castle with the pendants flying.

“This is so exotic, “ Ali commented in awe.

“I would say it’s magical,” Tania responded.

“Listen, I brought you all here to tell you a story,” the unicorn spoke with authority. “In the beginning Unicorns were created in the mountains that you call the Himalayas, during a solar eclipse. When we heard Ben telling you the story, Craig, we knew that fate had brought you together for the next eclipse and you could help us.” The unicorn mare was now beside the stallion.

“In that distant time we travelled between each domain of your world. Overtime, in each place we established blessings of unicorns. But Man was unkind and attacked us. They believed our horns would give them eternal life. The only eternal life is for those people we choose to bring into this dimension.  In the land of the sand, the unicorn stallion was killed and the mare taken. Man forced a horse stallion on her. The result was a colt with unique abilities. It had no magical powers but had a speed that out ran the common horse. Three stallions were bred before we could rescue the mare and bring her here.” 

Now beside the two Unicorns that Craig had first met there appeared another unicorn mare.

The four listened as the Stallion continued.  “There was another such incident in the Ice domain. Until now we have kept the offspring of these Sand and the Ice unicorns apart. It is dangerous for the spirits of Sand and Ice Unicorns to mix.  Now Man has again stolen. This time it is the spirit and ‘Essence of life’ of White Orchid, a descendant of Sand Unicorns that has been taken and given to a descendant of a Ice Unicorns. The foal, when it arrives, could have magic. A dangerous magic which comes from the mixing of uncontrolled spirits. We need to rescue this foal and move it to our world. 

We can only do this with your combined help. Our magic can not find them, there is a shield of black magic that protects the mare. To save the foal, it would take six people who have been touched by our magic, to hold hands round the foal. You are four but there are two more to bring into the circle. First, you must find the mare before the foal is born and be there with the number of six to encircle the foal when it comes into your world,” the stallion finished,” That is all you need to do.” 

The Stallion words sank in. Craig exclaimed “That is all? But Alisha is in Kathmandu and I have only spoken to Jane once. That’s apart from finding the mare. Can I not heal someone close to us like Linda?”

“Your powers are not limitless, you must obey me,” the stallion informed them. “Now you must return to your world. To stay too long will mean you are trapped here.”

The strange feelings returned and suddenly they were back in South Park and Jane was still playing on the harp ‘Dance with me Fairy’.

3 thoughts on “Himalaya 17 – Exotic

  1. Yes it’s working now Bella. Sorry about the delay, bit hectic here. If you copy posts to edit then it’s possible settings like “comments off” might carry over.

    I’m not sure about Ben writing a book, but with the number of prompts you’ve carried this over then you sure are ha,ha. It’s fascinating seeing how things have evolved since Himalaya 1 too. I might add your writing has improved tremendously too. I’ve said this to several regular BB writers lately. It’s lovely to see happen too.


      • You and me both! I actually though miniature unicorns might fit with yours! It was the first thing I thought of seeing the prompt go live. Might be a case of punching some words down and seeing what happens for me though 🤔


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