Dancing in the dark

The room was crowded with couples dancing. It was unbearably hot or that’s how Liz found it. She just wanted fresh air. The French windows were ajar and the air drew her outside. The terrace over looked the golf course and appeared to be empty.

The night air was refreshing and she stood her hands on the rail looking out into the darkness. She could make out the dark silhouettes of the trees and the wide expanse of the freeways.The scent from the lilac trees that surrounded the terrace drifted across on the breeze. She took a deep breathe and enjoyed the heady sensation.

“Care to dance?” A voice quietly spoke from the darkness behind her.

She turned in surprise. She had thought she was a lone. She could not see the face of the man. Its was hidden in shadow. She certainly didn’t recognise the voice.

Liz paused, hesitant to reply. Then said “As long as it’s out here. Not in there.” The hint of mystery added spice to the intriguing situation.

The music that drifted out changed to a slow tune. Liz found herself gripped comfortably in the arms of a stranger. Somehow her head ended up resting on his shoulder. The physical closeness and the smell of the lilac was intoxicating. She had no idea who her dance partner was but felt the excitement of the moment.

The music changed again still a slow song. His hold changed and he whispered in Liz’s ear.

“Do you know Lilac means first love?”

She tried to move away suddenly nervous, after all it was her engagement party. He gripped her tighter. She felt his strength holding her thight. Softly he kissed ear.

“Your not my first love.” Liz whispered back. Bringing to feel apprehension.

“Your mine. You were four!”

“Oh! I don’t remember.” Liz muttered in surprise, completely taken of balance.

The hold slackened, her partner turned and walked away.

She saw the figure disappear into the crowded room and she was alone in the darkness. Who was it?