Himalaya 15 Tea

“Let’s just think this out, we can’t stay in a lay-by arguing, so perhaps, Tania, if you rang your father, I could talk to him and I could explain the situation,” Craig suggested.

Tania just stared at him for a moment, “You are going to tell my father you have magical powers and we are super heroes?” 

“Well, not exactly in those words,” Craig offered. “What harm is it going to do? It can’t get much worse. I need to stop him evicting Linda. She hasn’t done anything.”

Tania reluctantly rang her father, then handed Craig the phone.  After an extremely strange conversation Craig had managed to explain that Tania, Linda and himself were all on the same University course. They were all just friends. The situation of Ali being at the house was just temporary, until they had sorted her job problems out. Ali’s employer was coming so they could talk in a neutral atmosphere. Oh! and another friend was also going to come as a mediator. After today it would hopefully all be sorted out. If not they would find somewhere else for Ali to stay. Craig then handed the phone back to Tania.

After a short conversation Tania ended the call. “He says that if it’s not all sorted in 48 hours we can all leave. So now I am being evicted as well.”

“I am sorry Tania. Let’s get going. Can we call at the halls of residence? I need to see if there is any post.” Craig hoped that there would be another fortune telling picture from Alisha.

“Ok, but you do realise that if my father looks at the full security tapes at the house,  rather than just glancing at them he will hear all the conversation too. My father will not appreciate Ben being there, so you can’t  mention he is a policeman,” Tania insisted.

“Ben told me he was a civil servant it was only a few days ago he explained he was a Police Inspector. I will stick to the story he is a Civil Servant,” Craig agreed.

When they arrived at the house, they all went in. Ali lay down on the settee, she was confused. Her head ached and she kept saying ‘I can talk to animals. That’s ridiculous,” Only Craig could hear her subconscious ramblings. Tania was upset and kept asking Craig, “What are you going to do to solve this?”, with the two girls talking at him at the same time. Craig was only grateful that Linda was at the hospital this morning. His head was in a spin.

There had been no letter from Tibet, but when he looked at his phone he discovered he had an email from the Orphanage in Kathmandu. He had forgotten when he had written to the Orphanage he had given them his email address. He opened up the email and there was a picture.  He was mystified and confused. 

Before he could show Tania the picture, Mr Webb had arrived.

He was shown into the lounge by Tania. Mr Webb looked around. “I recognise this house. It is ‘The Magical Unicorn’s house.’ I should have known when I saw the car yesterday,” was his surprising comment as he looked around.

“What!” Exclaimed Craig totally thrown by the comment.

“The pop group. I was a big fan,” Mr Webb explained. “We used to come and stand outside in the hope of seeing the group. This was Bob Head’s house.”

“The group was the ‘Magical Unicorn’ I didn’t realise, before my time,” Craig sounded shocked. Why had Tania not told him what her father did.

“Think I should make Tea,” Tania announced and disappeared hastily.

“You must know their song ‘Fairy, dance with me.’ It’s a classic. They are always playing it on the radio.  It’s on the album ‘Magic’ That’s the picture over there that’s on the cover,” Mr Webb further explained. Craig turned to the picture that he had noticed when he first had come to the house. It showed the same car, they had been using, with four hippy looking men leaning on it. He had heard the song only yesterday. He had always thought it was just another love song. It had never occurred to him what was the true meaning. It was about a father wanting to dance with his daughter. 

Tania returned with the tea tray. She looked a little shyly at Craig. “Perhaps I should have mentioned the ‘Magical Unicorn’?”

‘Perhaps you should,” Craig was still stunned by the Unicorn connection.

“What are you talking about?” Ali asked sitting up looking totally confused.

Before Craig could say anything his phone rang. He answered it while Tania poured the tea and handed the cups out.

“Ben will be with us in about ten minutes,” Craig explained before turning to speak directly to Mr Webb. “Ben is a friend. He is an expert on security. I thought he might be able to help. Someone must have access to your security at the Stables to have been able to change you security tapes to make it look like Ali had fallen in the yard and no one else was there. Ali did nothing. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“That had occurred to me having had time to think about it,” Mr Webb pointed put. “I should contact the police rather than be here.”

“Involving the police and you may never find out the truth,” Craig responded. “The perpetuators are already covering their tracks. They have had time. As long as they think you are blaming Ali they might wait to see how things pan out.”

“But some of the horses in the Stables are worth millions as stud stallions. I can’t take risks. If the security is compromised I have to contact the Police,” Mr Webb expressed his concern.

“Who ever compromised the security, probably works in the stables or has access on a regular basis to the horses,” Craig pointed out. “The one person you know can’t be involved is Ali because someone attacked her. I think we should drink our tea.  Ben will be here soon. Then we can all talk about it and come up with a plan of action.”

8 thoughts on “Himalaya 15 Tea

  1. Wonderful twists and turns as this story progresses. As soon as I read about the Magical Unicorn’s House it was like bumping into an old friend – can’t forget the unicorns that started all this! And I’m as interested in finding out more about Tania’s dad as I am in what happened to Ali. Is there any connection between him and whatever the perpetrator’s have planned? Looking forward to finding out. Mr. Webb is becoming a more complex character – at first he just seemed like a pompous dork, but now we’re beginning to see another side to him. Now I’m anticipating what happens when Ben gets there!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good to see this story still going strong Bella. I have read most of them, but not commented unless time is good enough to actually say something. Seems there are lots of coincidences occurring that might not actually be coincidences. The next prompt word (which I know already) will possibly agitate things a bit ha, ha.

    Your blogs had a theme change too if I’m not mistaken! Looking good.

    Liked by 1 person

    • What! You don’t believe in Unicorns and fairies. Beware when you go to the bottom of your garden. The fairies might not look after you fruit and veg if you say you don’t believe.


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